Tony Peniche – Do You Have What it Takes?

1458481_10202497624182279_8660996888358707797_nTony Peniche is a man of all trades. He began his degree at Western Oregon University where he ended up getting his Associate’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. During his time at University he participated in Track and Field and did the 100m, 200m, and long jump events. After two years at Western Oregon University he knew that this isn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and made a 360-degree transformation and enrolled at the Art Institute of Portland. He ended up receiving his BA in Apparel Design, which is what he was truly passionate about at that time. Right after finishing his degree at the young age of 21, Tony became a fashion designer and quickly became successful. A few years later in 2012, Tony received the Fashion Designer of the Year by the PFSA.

Several years later, Anthony “Tony” Peniche, began to spread his entrepreneurial wings. He opened his own commercial photography studio, founded his company NXT Industries, launched a kick-starter Campaign where he launched his new company Time & Oak, where he manufactured Whiskey Elements, and has much more on his horizon.

Do you have what it takes to expand your entrepreneurial wings, like Tony Peniche? It takes a very special type of person to become a successful entrepreneur. The first step in determining if you do have what it takes to be an entrepreneur is assessing your strengths and weaknesses. This can be done most easily, by putting together your personal resume. This allows you to write out your past experiences, your skills, and your accomplishments. After you have thoroughly completed your resume it can help you determine what would suit your skill-set. After this is complete you need to begin analyzing your personal and professional characteristics. It is essential to determine if you are self-motivated, focused, hard-working, and if you are a person of all trades where you can step in and be able to do anything that comes your way. Each of these characteristics is essential if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.

What is so special about today’s world is the concept of the American Dream and what it still means today, as Tony Peniche can affirm whatever you set your mind to you can do. All you need is the passion, the determination, and the ability to follow through and not give up till you succeed. Then the American Dream is for you to grab a hold of.